Foto Rafael Sm*sh

Gambar Foto Personil Smash Photo Rafael SM*ASH

Foto Rafael Sm*sh
Foto Rafael Sm*sh
Foto Rafael Sm*sh
Foto Rafael Sm*sh
Foto Rafael Sm*sh

Profile Rafael Smash

Full Name: Rafael Landry Tanubrata
Call Name: Rafael
Born: 16 November 1986 Garut
Height / weight: 178 cm/68 kg
Hobbies: Travel
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac: Scorpio
Favorite singer: Mulan Jameela
Studies: University Maranatha
Favorite song: If You're Not the One, Daniel Bedingfield
Favorite snacks: Food market
Dream of success: So a legendary entertainer and a role model many
First time on stage: Singing at Church

On Twitter Fans Page

Twitter Account
@ rafaell_16

SM * SH such as Virus!

JAKARTA - The presence of SM * SH in Indonesia's music industry attract enough people, let alone the lyrics of their songs I Heart You easily rang in my head, like a like a virus.

"Yeah cenut cenat words, let alone you know me so well, actually I think we really ngertiin. Yes we are really so, "said Diki, when met at the event Okezone Fierce Awards 2011, in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (26/01/2011).

In addition to the words they are always 'disturb' heads. The face of the personnel BC * SH consisting of Morgan Oey, Rangga Dewamoela, Rafael, Dick M. Prasetya, Reza Anugrah, Ilham Muhammad Fauzi, and Bhishma Karisma, also can be spelled out quite interesting. Naturally, when up to their crazy girls.

Then, what is their response? "Delicious, would easily find her soul mate. Hahaha ... I heart you anyway, "lid Diki.

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