Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh

Gambar Foto Personil Smash Photo Morgan SM*ASH

Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh
Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh
Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh
Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh
Foto Morgan Oey Sm*sh

Morgan Smash Profiles:

* Full Name: Handi Morgan Winata
* Call Name: Morgan
* Name Beken: Morgan Oey
* TTL: Singkawang, (West Kalimantan), May 25, 1990
* Zodiac: Gemini
* Favorite Singer: Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera
* Study: Information & Technology, University of Bina Nusantara, Jakarta
* Favorite Song: Breathless, Shayne Ward
* Favorite snacks: French Fries
* Dream of success: Bringing family walk around the world
* First time on stage: Indonesian Idol Audition
* Favorite Artist: Sandra Dewi
* Not preferred: restrained and lied

Sm*sh Please Can Generate Boyband Homeland

Personnel Sm*sh expect the emergence of enough attention they can generate any other boy band in the country.

"Our intention boyband world does giatkan again in Indonesia. May be more popping up again, "says Diki on the sidelines of the event Strikes Award on Wednesday (01/26/2011).

Diki myself feel grateful for their emergence makes the boyband genre back to life in Indonesia. "Hopefully Sm * sh can be a legend," he hoped.

Regarding appearance, Sm * sh admitted to not having a special appearance. Strikes such as while attending last night they just equate the color of shoes only.

"Yeah definitely the same shoes we wear, not a problem if it different," he said.

In the event Dahsyar Award, Sm * sh included in the category Action Stage Terdahsyat. But last night the award can not they take home, because a win is a J-Rock band.

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