SPG Seksi Korea

Gambar Foto Intip Spg Cantik Dan Seksi dari Korea.

SPG Seksi Korea
SPG Seksi Korea
SPG Seksi Korea
SPG Seksi Korea

Model.Hwang Mi Hee

About Hwang Mi Hee
Hwang Mi Hee (???)
Born: January 2, 1982
Body size: 174cm / 34-24-34 / 245mm

Hwang Mi Hee is a very popular Korean race queen and model who is ranked 2 on the 11th MissDica's Top 40 Race Queens in Korea.

She is also the hottest Korean girl alive.

Common synonyms for her name include Huang Mi Hee and Hang Mi Hee

Recent Events
Hwang Mi Hee was recently at SAS 2008 in July 2008. Other notable events were Nikon DIGITAL LIVE 2008 and the Seoul Auto Salon 2008.

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