Sexy Aura Kasih Tank Top

Artis Tank tops - Gambar Foto Sexi Aura kasih Photo With Tanktops - Celebrity and her fashion Style Picture.

Sexy Aura Kasih Tank Tops
Sexy Aura Kasih Tank Tops
Sexy Aura Kasih Tank Tops
Sexy Aura Kasih Tank Tops

Aura Kasih Want to Keep Working

After a loss to follow gig and have to deal with the police, would not want it to be a bad record for a singer in the world of entertainment Aura Kasih homeland. But he believes these images can be erased with slowly surely continue working.

"Thank God the future is still singing, there are certain everything alesannya, anyways well all my mistakes even though there are other factors," she admitted mistakes when met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Wednesday (02/02).

The problem seems to be a crushing blow for this new artist. Solo singer has admitted mistakes and learned many things from this problem.

"Everyone must have a problem all the way nobody is straight wrote yesterday that I wrote for reproof, for teaching me, thank God already given a trial like that," she said.

Aura Kasih honestly admit that he had felt a little worse. This beautiful girl could hope to find the best solution and this problem does not need to be forwarded to the court.

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