Gambar Artis Sandra Dewi Sexy in Blue Dress

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Gambar Sandra Dewi
Gambar Sandra Dewi
Gambar Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi Not Like Japan Fashion Style

Japan for the artist Sandra Dewi is the second country that has a closeness with him, after Indonesia. Since childhood, Sandra claims like events or anything that smells of Japanese comics. No doubt when Japan experienced an earthquake and tsunami, he had come to feel concern.

"The first is who the hell are not familiar with Japan, from the little I did like the cartoon Doraemon, and also I have some Japanese comics and Japanese cartoon movies I like. Then yesterday I also had to fit Japanese Lebaran holiday yesterday , and I'm also a lot of Japanese friends, and fitting the tsunami I think they do, whether safe or not? "said Sandra Dewi met at a concert event Syhmpony for Japan in JHCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (9 / 4) night.

Sandra does have a few friends who are members of Japanese citizens in the community. From friends that one man, he was able to recognize many Japanese friends.

"At first, am I followed my friend, and began to be introduced, after a long time so many of his friends are Japanese citizens," she said.

Despite claims close to Japan, Sandra pleaded not too fond of the Japanese fashion style like Harajuku.

"I do not really like because Harajuku really, I prefer to batik, but now the Japanese people love to wear batik clothes," she concluded.

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