Foto Artis Cantik Julie Estelle with Red Dress

Gambar Foto Julie Estelle Picture Artis cantik Indonesia Top Indo Celebrity

Foto Artis Cantik Julie Estelle with red Dress
Foto Artis Cantik Julie Estelle with red Dress
Foto Artis Cantik Julie Estelle with red Dress

Julie Estelle Like Smart Men

MEN Which actress is not interested in beautiful flawless in image and stature, Julie Estelle. But the brother of actress and presenter Cathy Sharon was admitted to having its own type when talking about the man who can make smitten.

"He was definitely a smart turn on for me. Because basically, I saw a man of personality rather than rely solely on physical appearance. For example, any handsome as he is, so to chat but it's not smart. That makes me turn off. A man must be fascinating not only from the appearance alone, but from his inner as well, "said Julie Estelle told Legal in Jakarta, recently.

So, what is not liked Julie from a man?

"I do not like sweaty men, but spend less delicious aroma. I have no problem with him as long as it does not smell sweaty. The proof is really a man who quite often sweaty, but his body has no smell. That's a plus in my eyes, "she explained.

How to charm a man who deem Julie sexy?

"The first assessment of the possible physical, good posture if baseball is nothing wrong with the conversation continued. Well, the conversation was just discovered how to speech and so forth. Just like we saw a beautiful woman. Definite response, 'Oh yes beautiful ...' But he looks so friendly, she would be unattractive. To me, the impression of light emanating from the hospitality draw hearts aka our inner beauty, "Julie closed.

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