Beauty Secret Lola Amaria

IF many women like to put make-up to make them look pretty, not so with the actress Lola Amaria. In addition to always keep the happy feelings, producer and director is more like diving body beauty treatments.

foto seksi artis Lola Amaria

"The first, happy. If I am happy, sure of his good mood. Despite his mood again premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or annoyed at people, or there's something else annoyed, I also do not want to hate others, my always conditioned that way, "she said when met at the show Lola Awards 25 Outstanding Alumni Femina Face in Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (25/01/2011).

Body treatments run this sexy lipped actress to keep her beauty. Winner of the National Clothing Femina face 1997, was willing to spend a lot for his favorite channel.

"To the outside view, I liked baseball grooming. Make up is forced if there are events like this, shooting, or the events that shape appear as a public figure. At least I care. The money I get out for care rather than buying make-up. For example, facials, massage face, or a cream bath, scrub, I prefer something like that.

foto seksi artis Lola Amaria

Even if buying make up just a sunblock or moisturizer alone, "said actor Tinung in" Ca Bau Kan "is.

Not only do body treatments at the salon, director of the film "Female" is also often practice it at home.

"Many things, such as someone coming into the house and do the scrub, there also I came that it was good spa, or a cream bath complete his or her facial good product, it can be varied. But I like to change baseball-dressing product , "added the 33-year woman.

The reluctance of owners of body weight 47 kg and height 163 cm is for grooming is not unreasonable. However, Lola believes if the treatments are done for the stock in old age.

foto seksi artis Lola Amaria

"Yes, because make up only a trick. Care we like saving (saving), especially in the early 30, in which the metabolism slows, dry skin, spots arise, and if treated from now it could be saving for later. It does not directly react , but I believe that savings in the future. And if his skin was brown baseball dicokelatin need more, let your skin breathe with pleasure without having to be closed with a foundation or powder every day, "she concluded.

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